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Our Services


We offer a variety of services with trained and skilled Facilitators. Each modality is a way for you to find physical and emotional relief through movement, and bring awareness to the holistic approach of healing. You may find that at different times on your path each modality helps assist you in different ways. Our goal is to help you move in ways that leave you feeling empowerd, strong, and aware of the lighthouse being that you are. Over the years we can store physical and emotional pain in our bodies- we want to help you move through it all, here at Movement Matters. 

Fascial  Unwinding Sessions (CFT)

These Fascial Unwinding sessions are truly unique. Formerly known as  (CFT) this gentle and natural release of the fascia, is connecting the dots for clients and assisting with their healing.  The fascia is a full body connective tissue web that can apply tremendous pressure to the nerves, lymphatic system, muscles, organs, and bones. This can lead to chronic pain, and many other symptoms in the body.


Fascial unwinding at movement matters is not a massage,  or Craniosacral Therapy. It is a gentle hands on  movement and unwinding technique of the fascial web with a trained Facilitator and can look different for each person. There are many layers to our fascia, think of an onion. It is a Facilitator's  job to become aware of where your restrictions are, and work with you and your body to facilitate healing, working one layer at a time.


Fascial restrictions are a result of trauma-both physical and emotional, stress, repetitive movement, improper exercise, and even childbirth, and childhood.


Your fascia is the only system in your body that is connected to all other systems of the body and is formed on day 15 in utero. The understanding and proper movement of the fascia is where real healing begins and years of chronic pain and habits end. These sessions include education of the fascia, hands on unwinding, exercises to continue the unwinding process at home, energy work, and years of experience and deditcation from your Facilitator.


Sessions are 45m long


Movement Coaching

This is more than personal training and different than unwinding sessions.

This is where we spend time together coming up with a realistic movement goal that you can practice on your own and it is designed for your needs and where you’re at in this moment. You can bring all of  your props and self care stuff and we will go through how and when to use it all. You’ll receive a write up and/or video of all things discussed and your personalized program.

Because we are a Holistic Movement Studio we will always address and work with the fascia. This is great if you have specific goals, feel overwhelmed, lost, or just need a shift in your routine.

Making a movement coaching session every couple of months is a great way to ensure you are moving in the best ways to support your body and fascia. It’s like a check in for your mind, body, and spirit, with a trained and skilled Facilitator.

Sessions are 75m long


Fascia in Motion Reformer Sessions 

These sessions are designed for each individual and their healing needs, by our highly skilled and intuitive instructor, Terri Flynn. The reformer and apparatus work realigns the body and spine, while strengthening and lengthening the muscles. These sessions can create space in the joints allowing more fluidity, flexibility, and pliable bodies. The reformer creates an awareness of the core as it strengthens from deep within. All bodies can benefit and heal from injury and stress with these sessions. Most clients fear the word pilates and think they need a core to attend these sessions. Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates for injured people. The majority of our clients are healing from pelvic floor dysfuntion, childbirth, ruptured discs, hip issues, and more. Our Certified Instructor has spent years studying her craft and brings a gentle and effective approach to your one on one sessions. These Functional movement sessions on the reformer are another way to unwind your fascia and rebuild new patterns and habits in your body that will allow you to live your best life!


Sessions are 55 m long


Soma Flow Sessions

  These sessions are longer and deeper than our Unwinding sessions. It is 45m of hands on time followed by 30m of integration time. This means we discuss anything that you were feeling in your body and gently bring awareness back to your body and the space with movement. Slowly using somatic techniques to integrate and ground you in your body, deepening your experience and healing. 

Sessions are 75m long



The word on the street...

I have been experiencing chronic lower back pain over the past two years, and it became unbearable. My chiropractor suggested I see Kalei for fascial release. I'm seeing dramatic shifts in my body,  as Kalei begins to unravel years of fascia tangles. I notice greater range of motion, I plan on being a client of Kalei's for many years, my body will be happier with her working her magic on me. 

- Gail S.

Reformer sessions with Terri have helped heal my pelvic floor incontinence and have given me the confidnce to attend group fitness classes again. I just remember the things Terri taught me.


Kalei made my hip feel so much better, I was able to hike without pain for the first time in years. After 1 session with Kalei, my Chiropractor was able to adjust my thoracic spine, and that was never able to happen before I saw Kalei. I feel amazing. 

- R.D

I started seeing Kalei for CFT after a concussion. I had severe migraines and limited range of motion. After a single session, my range of motion was almost back. Overall, I felt balanced. 

-Amber C.

Kaitlyn's  classes are enjoyable and easy to follow. She is intuitive and seems to know exactly what we need. I always leave feeling good and inspired.  Kaitlyn has great energy. 


Terri and the Pilates Reformer have helped retrain my body and muscle memory, I'm walking much straighter and feeling less pain. I always look forward to the next session, it's hard work, but worth it. Terri has been a blessing to me. -Sue G.

Stefanie is a natural and intuitive in her work. She has a natural flow to her. My body was able to relax and release stress and pain during our CFT session. I am looking forward to more sessions.

- K.L

After just a few sessions of Pilates I was able to walk without my cane and feel less pain in my back while gaining core strength.

- Josh T.

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