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Our Signature Classes 

Our Classes are designed with intent and purpose and lead by Certified Instructors. Classes are kept small so that the instructor can help guide and fully instruct each client to reach the highest benefit and feel restored through movement.  All classes are pre register only , you can register by clicking the "join us" icon. We hope you find a class that works for you and continues to help you find freedom and space all through the power of  movement. 


Pilates Power

Our class is Lead by  a STOTT Certified Instructor. This class is detailed and focuses on strength, stability, posture, proper breath control, and flexibility. Each class will work to balance all muscle groups and align the spine and strengthen the core. Movements are slow and controlled.




Class lead by Terri Flynn, every Monday 3:00p-3:45p

$65 4 consecutive week series

$18 Drop  in 

Fascial Flow

This class is for all levels and is based in traditional yoga but adds a fascial element to it. The unique piece is the dynamic movement added to each pose for fascial release and movement. You are left feeling grounded, free, and restored. You are educated about the fascia and how it connects your toes to your pelvic floor, your mid back to your hips and so forth. 


Class is lead by Kalei Tompkins every Monday 5:30p-6:30p

$65/4 consecutive week series

$18 Drop in


Mini Movers (ages 1-3 )

This class is for your little one and you. Your child will explore movement through play, music, instruments, props, and more. Care giver must be present. 

Class is lead by Dance Teacher and Certified Yoga Instructor Kaitlyn Houghtaling every Wednesday 3:30p-4:15p

$100 for 8 week series

$15 drop in


Kids Aerial Play (ages 8+)

This class is designed to engage your child in safe and fun aerial play. It teaches discipline, strength, motor skills, and breath control. Beginning and ending with breath work.

Class is lead by Certified Aerial Instructor and Dance teacher Kaitlyn Houghtaling every Wednesday 4:30p-5:15p

$160 for 8week series

$25 drop in


Aerial Fitness Flow


This class is upbeat and sure to keep you engaged. Kaitlyn uses the hammock to engage your core, arm strength, and keep things moving freely. Benefits include core strength, increase body awareness, flexibility and more! Relax at the end of the class in the hammock and engage in deep breathing while receiving light touch to further relax the  mind and body.


Class is taught by Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor & Dance Teacher Kaitlyn Houghtaling and held every

Wednesday  5:15p-6:15p

$160 for 8week series

$25 drop in

Rest & Restore with Thai Bodywork

Oh, is this a treat for your mind and body. This is "lazy man's" Yoga. In this class you are supported by bolsters and props to further deepen the releasing of your fascia. This allows you to take a deep breath and quiet the mind as well. While in each pose Kaitlyn will come around and provide your body with Thai Bodywork calming your nervous system and muscles. We provide masks, aromatherapy and there is always chocolate and tea. 

Class is lead by Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Facilitator, and Thai Bodyworker Kaitlyn Houghtaling, every Wednesday 6:30p-7:30p. 

$75 for 4 consecutibe week series

$25 drop in


Movn' Momma

This is an hour just  for you momma, whether you are prenatal or postpartum we have you covered in this movement class. It is based in Yoga, however at times we will be pulling from pilates, Qi-Gong, and basic breathwork. Yoga/Movement allows us to dive deep into our bodies preparing one for labor or the hardships of immediate postpartum. Studies show that women who are active and specifically in forms of therapeutic movement classes like this one have easier and shorter labors. Babies who are not crawling are welcome. This is a great way to silence the noise and return home to you and your baby and meet a community of other like minded women. 

*Please take note of our FREE support group and bodywork program for mommas *

Class is held every Thursday 5:00p-6:00p

$65 for 4  consecutive weeks

$18 drop in

Core Motivation (Pilates Based)

What's your core motivation? To have more energy? Less back pain? Greater hip mobility? Strength for pregnancy and beyond? To release neck pain? To stay inspired and focused? Whatever your core motivation is, we are happy it lead you here. This is a pilates based class and will focus on safely strengthening the core, proper engagement of the pelvic floor, hip mobility and fascial release. I promise you will be happy you woke up early for this one!  

Class is for all levels/no experience needed


 Class lead by Certified Instructor Kalei Tompkins, every Saturday 7:30a-8:15a

$65 for 4 consecutive week series

$18 drop in

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