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Our Signature Classes 

Our Classes are designed with intent and purpose and lead by Certified Instructors. Classes are kept small so that the instructor can help guide and fully instruct each client to reach the highest benefit and feel restored through movement.  All classes are pre register only , you can register by clicking the "join us" icon. We hope you find a class that works for you and continues to help you find freedom and space all through the power of  movement. 

Fascial Flow

This class is for all levels and is based in traditional yoga but adds a fascial element to it. The unique piece is the dynamic movement added to each pose for fascial release and movement. You are left feeling grounded, free, and restored. You are educated about the fascia and how it connects your toes to your pelvic floor, your mid back to your hips and so forth. 


Class is lead by Kalei Tompkins every Wednesday 5:30p-6:30p

$65/4 consecutive week series

$18 Drop in

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